Sunday, April 5, 2009

Krochet Kids at Almond

Krochet Kids International beanies are now available at the Almond Shop.
Our friends over at Krochet Kids have a really rad thing going. They went to Uganda, taught the women how to crochet, bought them a house and employ something like 11 women full time who crochet beanies and the guys sell them over here.

Super rad dudes, with really good hearts and they surf good too.

Support sustainable business.


Anonymous said...

haha I like how you sneaked the boards into the first shot. very clever.

koko said...

those hats are sick!

Almond Surfboards & Designs said...

haha it was better than me in the mirror pointing a camera

Ally Stoltz said...

krochet kids are the flyest of fly.