Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kyle Lightner

Here's a portrait Oden shot of Kyle while we were down at Lowers with Nathan last week.

Kyle has been getting some insane photographs of the Stopniks lately, as well as this one of Nate.

For those of you thinking "yeah.. we've all seen Lightner's Stopnik photos... tell us something we don't know" Let me just tell you that as someone with some inside knowledge... you 'aint seen nothing yet'

Just wait....

brother kyle.


Surfsister said...

No you didn't link to a BTO vid! I was looking for something with the Stopniks. Alas, there was Bachman Turner Overdrive in some of the ugliest clothes I've seen since . . . well . . . the 70's. Hysterical!!

Almond Surfboards & Designs said...

hahaha... the mind-blowing stopnik photos will be popping up soon.

in the meantime... BTO will have to do.

cend_it. said...