Friday, October 16, 2009

Alaia by Felipe Siebert

Check out this beautiful alaia by our Brazilian friend, Felipe Siebert.


Mailyn Kafer said...
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Mailyn Kafer said...

beautiful and functional..
felipe surfed with this alaia and it was something great to see from de sand.. the people around looking like it was something impossible to do.. here in brasil we don`t see this kind of boards a lot... better, we don`t see this ever.

Felipe Siebert said...

Hey Dave,

I am glad that you liked, because I know that you have an extremely good perspective.

you do things perfectly using the minimum necessary.

I'll try to go to California in the middle of 2010 and a certainty that I have, is that I want to know the Almond! Am a big fan ... hehe

This was my first Alaia. It was good but I think I can improve some details. I'm over 10 blocks for new tests ...