Thursday, April 15, 2010

Balsa Kookumber

I'm embarking on a new project. I want to build a kookumber in as many different surfboard constructions as I can. My Dad and I will be working together on this project, and probably Griffin at times as well. But since the kookumber is our most unique looking board (and one of my personal favorites), I want to explore and see how many different ways we can construct one.

We've already done plenty of them with regular foam and fiberglass. We just did a hollow redwood one. Now we're working on a chambered balsa one. Next maybe a recycled Marko EPS blank with entropy resin? Or a composite sandwich board? Only time will tell.

Here's the fully chambered balsa blank for new 5'4.

1 comment:

Mar Lake said...

Oh, the exciting adventures in shaping...

Looking forward to some future endeavors.