Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cyrus Sutton by Kyle Lightner

Cyrus and Kyle are two of the more impressive people I know, and I'm honored to have them as friends. I don't mean they're impressive in the things they have accomplished so much as their commitment to their respective pursuits.

Cy's bio on Korduroy.TV touches on it a bit. "Cyrus awoke one morning realizing he was more of a consumerist shell than a real human being. Understanding that change wasn’t going to happen over night, he decided gathering his friends and building this website was a cool way to connect with other stoked people who want to move in a more rad direction." Ever since, Cyrus and friends have been using Korduroy TV as a vessel to "spread digital aloha."

Kyle, although he's no Pooch throwing double shakas to everyone he sees, is quietly and calculatedly documenting a subculture that resonates with him. And he's doing so at a level that we won't hardly be able to appreciate until we look back on it when we're all old and crusty.

Anyway, stoked about all that's happening behind the scene of this photograph.

I particularly like that Kyle captured Cy's last step to the nose, which is such a thrilling moment, as a surfer. Kyle isn't an action sports photographer, he's a lifestyle photographer, and for that I appreciate this moment he captured, right before Cyrus got to the nose on a beautiful day at Malibu.

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