Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Congrats Gully!

The Gull made the Newport Harbor High School Surf Team!

He's going to be a freshman next year, and he'll be longboarding for the Surf Team alongside King Rat, who will be a Senior.

You'll be the only kid in the contest who made his own fin, and hopefully a handful of the other kids fins too.

Stoked for you Gully.


Surfsister said...

Right on!! People are always commenting on the fin on my pig. When I tell them the ages of the shaper and the fin foiler, they're totally stunned. Gully rules . . . and so do Dave and Griffin!! My board is f*%king fantastic!

colony13stars said...

Way to go, Gully. Any guy who can make his own fins at your age, and shred a log deserves some recognition.