Monday, January 17, 2011

Joel Tudor Invitational | Santa Cruz

Had a blast at the Vans Invitational this weekend. The waves were pumping, the weather was beautiful and everyone was surfing like bonkers.

Everyone was surfing so insane. Honestly, any single one of those guys could have won the contest. But Alex was surfing like a man possessed. One of the most impressive surfing performances I've ever seen. In the final, he was a little dot on the horizon scrapping into overhead waves and then doing what Al does best... all the way to the inside.

Burch surprised a few people by making it to the final. Although it really shouldn't surprise anyone. The guy can just flat out surf on anything. (As he has proven again and again)

Such an honor to get to be there this weekend and experience the whole thing.

Thanks so much to Joel and Vans for everything. They did an incredible job, and pulled on one for the ages.

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