Monday, March 14, 2011

LOVE FOR JAPAN | 50% Pledge

As you may know, Japan has been a huge supporter of Almond; as well as many other surfboard labels. I have had the pleasure of traveling there twice, and have a deep appreciation for the culture, as well as the friends I have made there.

In an effort to give back to the country that has been so supportive of us, we are going to give 50% of the proceeds from our apparel sales for the next month to relief funds to help Japan.

Both online and in-store apparel sales will benefit the relief efforts.

We're so thankful for the people of Japan, so we want to use what little influence we have, in the things that we do, to help out.

Praying for hope and relief for all the people over there.


hibiki-clinic said...

Dear Dave and Almond's crew,
Thank you very much for your warm support.
FYI, Some of the area, which has been suffered heavily by tsunami was popular surfing spot.So disastrous.Sad.

Surfsister said...

You're the best, Dave! Then again, we all already knew that. Have a good time in Australia!