Friday, August 26, 2011

Australian Surf Expedition

Here are some photos from Noosa, Australia on a day when we had to go searching for waves. Simon Perini just sent these to me last night, and brought back a bunch of fun memories.

We heard there were waves at Granites, so we geared-up and embarked on a hike through the National Forest that was about the equivalent of the trestles trail in length. Then we arrived at Tea Tree, which was dead flat. Simon informed me that I could either keep hiking the trail to the next spot, or I could jump in the water and paddle around a little head-land and I would be there. Since the log was starting to feel pretty heavy, and the humidity was a factor, the water was starting to look really tempting... I opted for the paddle.

The first photo is me almost to Granites, about 2/3 of the way through the second longest single paddle I can recall. (The longest took place about 3 hours later when we had to paddle back, post-surf)

Although I was pretty spent (and certain I was going to get swallowed by a whale) it was well worth the journey once we arrived at Granites. Patchy, Andrew, Ellis and Matty Chojnacki were all there when I got there. And we surfed a reeling right point for a few hours in a beautiful, remote, tropical paradise. (While sitting in the lineup you can't see anything but tropical rain forest and the Pacific Ocean)

Photos: Simon Perini

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