Monday, February 9, 2009

Greatfhull Sled

Also known as the Dead Sled, Lightner's new super hull via Ryan Lovelace.

I've been hearing about this board from Lightner and Lovelace for 2 weeks and how it was going to blow my mind.  Well, I finally got to see it in person yesterday, and it was every bit as impressive as they had described, and then some.

Photo: GiG

7 feet and stringerless, insanely thin rails, a more breathtaking outline than a swimsuit model, and flex fin that could only be classified as a slingshot.   I'm waiting for a break in the weather to take my turn on it.

And, if I haven't been relaying enough insanely good information in one day... here comes another gem:

I've been talking a lot with Ryan Lovelace, and we're working on some brand new collaboration hull designs that he is going to shape for Almond.  They're going to be insane...  I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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