Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lightner Photos of Christian

Here are Lightner's radical film shots of Christian and his new almond surfing board. 

Thanks to our Grass is Greener friends for the coverage


Worm said...

i love the shape of this board. pulled in nose and a little pigged. great seeing you yesterday

AGDeigns said...

dude dave that thing is super sick
its nice to see it out of the shop afeter all this time haha

see you at bee lakies

Sea Walk said...

thanks mate! The board is sooo fun by the way. I love it. I will definitly have this board for a long time hopefully my whole life. It was rad of you to make it for me man! I couldn't like it more. Also AUs is sick man! Havin so much fun. Surfing A LO. Everyday has been fun. Not perfect but still really fun waves. Anyways, the shop looks great from the photos. So amped for you man! Good work and the sign looks rad too. Good idea. I was thinking alaia SUP? hahahah fuck . . hahaha talk to you later man!