Monday, March 9, 2009

Grand Opening Party

Last night was our big Grand Opening Party.  Thanks to all of you who made it out.  We had about 300 or 400 people stop by throughout the night.

Big thanks goes out to My Parents, Megan, Jeff, My Grandparents, Jeremy & Brieana, Amanda & Jason, Gully, Taylor, Shaw, Lightner, Theo, Griff, Steve & Tammy, Lauren Sakioka, Jeff Aschieris, Jen Trammell, Chad & Christine, and all of my incredible friends who helped do everything from paint the walls to hanging the sign.  And everyone else who I forgot to mention.  (Still recovering)

And a big thanks to Gantez Warrior and the V-Guns for providing the tunes last night!

Still waiting on some photos of last night from some contributing photographers, but here are a few shots to get you started.

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