Monday, March 2, 2009

SUP Alaia Fish!

We figured since Stand Up Paddle boards and Alaias have really taken off in popularity, that we would make the world's first Stand Up Paddle Alaia Fish!

It's 7'6 x 32 and weighs a ton....

Alright, I lied... it's just a sign for the shop, but we can always wonder how it would have surfed.


Lightgnar said...

HAHAHAWfSKDJgfkljashdgbjhasnfAHAHAH UGH!!! thank GOD!

ryan and i are sitting here saying "DUDE, dave can NOT be serious?! THAT'S AWFUL!"

..then we read it was your sign.


Almond Surfboards & Designs said...

hahahaha, i'm glad you guys believed it at first.

i almost labeled the post "in your face, tom wegener"

BoardSide said...

LOL. Got to test ride your signage at least!

Tim said...

Don't knock it 'til you try it...although you know I'd always rather be on my log or my potato chip than riding my super tanker.